The Pomegranate~ tree or shrub?


The Pomegranate is a multi-trunk shrub that can be trained/cultivated into a small tree. Pomegranate trees can grow up to 20 feet or so, and are deciduous in cold areas but can be evergreen in warmer regions. Prune your pomegranate tree/shrub properly if you want to increase fruit production and maintain it’s good looking form. If your goal is fruit production, you will have to forego the natural attractive form that a pomegranate tree/shrub has. By pruning for fruit production, it is necessary to shorten branches to encourage new fruit producing shoots. This will create short, stubby branches that are not natural to the pomegranate. If your goal is an ornamental pomegranate tree, pruning should only be thinning out weak, diseased and cross over branches, also remove suckers to the base. This type of pruning will encourage a more natural, ornamental look and help keep your pomegranate tree healthy. The best time for pruning is late winter before the buds begin to form but after the risk of frost.

Check back to find out why your pomegranate leaves maybe turning yellow.